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NimbusPRESENTS: OFFLINE Pro Arts [Site/Moment]

Now entering its 9th cycle, OFFLINE is a series of curated performances presenting the work of emerging to mid-career choreographers from the New Jersey/New York area. Designed to bring new dance to Jersey City audiences and address the limited space available for dance creation and performance in Jersey City, OFFLINE draws audiences and artists together for intimate and meaningful dance exchanges. For this cycle of OFFLINE, Curators Stephanie Daniels (of Pro Arts Jersey City) and Samuel Pott (Artistic Director of Nimbus Dance Works) will select choreography and choreographers whose work demonstrates a multidisciplinary approach, including an art-installation and site-specific performance collaboration by Gwendolyn Gussman and Bithika Adhikary. Following each show, Samuel Pott and Stephanie Daniels will lead an artist talkback with participating choreographers. Pro Arts Jersey City also contributes to the space and experience a exhibition curated by Kerry Kolenut featuring the work of Ed Fausty, Winifred McNeill, and Wonju Seo.

Friday, October 5 at 8:30 pm

Saturday, October 6 at 8:00 pm

At the Nimbus Theatre 

165 Newark Ave. 

Jersey City, NJ

Tickets are available: