Nimbus Dance gratefully acknowledges the generosity of contributors to our organization. The support of individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies makes possible the artistic and community vision of Nimbus Dance Works. Become a part of the Nimbus family and join our CLOUD of supporters.  

Rendering of Building View. Fogarty Finger architecture | interiors

Rendering of Building View.
Fogarty Finger
architecture | interiors

In winter 2020, Nimbus will move into a newly constructed facility, the Nimbus Arts Center at the Lively, in Jersey City’s Powerhouse Arts District.

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Nimbus’ programs and performances reach 16,000 annually, including 4000 children.

Hopkins Group LLC is the Official Sponsor of Nimbus Dance Works' 2018-19 Season

Mack-Cali Corporation is the Official Sponsor of the School of Nimbus Dance Works

Goldman Sachs is the Official Sponsor of Nimbus’ Jersey City Nutcracker

Base Fitness is the Official Fitness Gym of Nimbus Dance Works

(Above $10,000)

Mack-Cali Corporation
Judith G. Pott

Hudson County Office of Cultural Affairs & Tourism
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation


Jersey City Division of Economic Development
Goldman Sachs
New Music USA

Hannah Kwon & Stevie Clifton
Edith Hunt & Gregor Zore
Samuel Pott & PeiJu Chien-Pott


Wells Fargo Foundation
US Trust
Mary Cox Golden

Thomas & Jennifer Allen
Andrea & Owen Gunden
Mrs. Barbara Hohenberg
Kemi Akinsanya Rose & Anthony Rose


Christine Goodman
Bud & Buster Martz
Edgar Rivera Colon
Waterclown Foundation
Zuzana & Marian Zdrazilova
Kathy & Tad Hendrickson
Dixon Advisory USA
Marc Wesson

Lawrence Martz
Mondee Hadibroto
Dalia & Parag Tole
Jocelyne & Brian Chait
Stephanie Daniels
Lisa Talma
Jessie Robert Palmer
Madeleine Giansanti Cag & Yuksel Cag


Dede Kammerling
Coleman O'Toole
John Gray
Benjamin Howard
John Steadwell
Ann McKinney
Nicholas Chiaravalloti
Steve Jervis
Michael & Ruth Wortis
Gritli & Daniel Rabin
Dede Kammerling
Ellyn & Benjamin Berman
Elaine Hansen
Robert Palmer
Dorothy W. Bryan
Clara Longstreth
Dan Frohwirth
Lillie Debevoise
Faith Pepe
Jersey City Democratic Committee
Robert & Jessie Palmer
Nicholas Pott

Angela Shum
Elaine Hansen
Mark & Claire Guerette
Dorothy Bryan
Robert Streicher
Jan Fassler
Kathy Hendrickson
Michael Wortis
Laila Williamson
Lawrence Martz
Karen Brounstein
Wallace & Cydney DeFilippo
Ruth Mitchell
Stelian & Ancuta Boscha
Roland Pott
Marybeth Donaldson
Herbert & Leah Kaplan
Melody Fadness
Vincent Carlone
Osomo Thomas
Lillie Debevoise
Family of Greg Seamon
Benevity Community Impact Fund

(Under $100)

Jessica Howard
Rona Green
Maximum Motion /   Kim Jeblick
Raymond Pi-Peyreau
Skye Haberman
Peter & Anna Welles
Bridget Smith
Patrice Y. Dawkins
Faith Pepe
Diane & Frank Arnold
Judith Hazen
Lycel Villanueva
Kate Kaiser
Rita Levy
Funmilayo Brown
Daran Smith
Dan Levin &  Leonila Paunil
Aristedes J. Polychronopolous
Jack and Judy Speyer
Vanina Carmona
Gur Melamede
Juan Etinger
Jennifer Kellow

Sheila Kirven
William & Sharon Simpson
Myra & Mathew Zuckerbraun
Herina Ayot
Gritli Rabin
Carol Anne Inceoglu
Wendy Liscow
Rosalie Byard
Ann Cox Halkett
Elizabeth & Joel Sobo
Christine Fischer & Elizabeth Vattamala
Joanee Robinson Hill
Bethany Wall
Meghan Jambor
Arlene Distler
Ben Lincoln
Jill Beck
Sky Haberman
Elena Putilina
Janet Do
Laura Fant
Marilyn Robeson
Ed Schultz
Peter Scott

Other ways to get involved:

Volunteers are essential to the success of Nimbus’ mission. If you are interested in helping out, post on Facebook or email us at

Nimbus Dance Works offers seasonal internships to develop young professionals in arts administration by working directly with administrators of Nimbus.